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AED Training Machine

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The iAED-S1T is a cutting-edge training solution designed with the same rigor and expertise as the iAED-S1.

The training unit is identical to a real iAED-S1 defibrillator in appearance, interface and operation, but it is equipped with 10 comprehensive training and defibrillation modes to accurately replicate real-life emergency scenarios. This helps trainees rapidly master the essential AED skills that will save lives.

The AED training machine features:

  • Realistic design that fully simulates AED discharge procedures

  • Multiple training scenarios: the 10 training modes are aligned with international training standards, and recreate diverse real-life AED operation scenarios
  • Infrared remote control technology so you can effortless switch between training modes and adjust settings
  • Intelligent feedback: a feedback mechanism automatically detects correct pad application on the manikin, offering precise guidance and feedback during the training. Voice prompts aide in maintaining the optimal CPR compression rate and breath delivery.
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