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Sterile Surgical Gown - Level 3 - Spunlace

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Spunlace Sterile Surgical Gowns offer Level 3 protection for your most critical procedures. Meticulously crafted from 40gsm non-woven spunbound fabric and SMS fabric, these gowns deliver the ultimate combination of strength and breathability.

Our Spunlace fabric sets these surgical gowns apart, providing exceptional breathability and unmatched comfort for medical professionals throughout their most demanding tasks. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a seamless experience with every wear.

Engineered for maximum protection, these gowns feature a reinforced front splash panel, ensuring an impenetrable barrier against potential hazards. The double-stitched seams, along with the cotton cuff and Velcro neck, enhance the gown's durability while providing a secure fit.

Designed with convenience in mind, our Spunlace Sterile Surgical Gowns come equipped with waist ties that are thoughtfully separated as sterile and non-sterile, streamlining the tying process effortlessly.

Ideal for surgical ICUs and various medical settings, our sterile surgical gowns offer the highest level of safety without compromising on your comfort.

Gowns sold individually

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