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Shoe Covers

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Pack size: Box of 100
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Specially designed for single-use in medical and surgical settings, these shoe covers are the ultimate defense against spills and contamination.

Measuring 45cm in length, our shoe covers offer ample coverage, ensuring your shoes or boots stay shielded from potential hazards. Whether you're navigating a sterile operating room, a busy hospital ward, or a laboratory environment, our shoe covers provide the utmost confidence in maintaining a hygienic and sanitised space.

What sets our shoe covers apart is their non-skid base, engineered to provide exceptional traction on various surfaces. This critical feature enhances your safety by minimizing the risk of slipping and falling, even in areas prone to spills or wet surfaces.

Single-use design ensures you have a fresh pair for every procedure, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control. An indispensable addition to the personal protective equipment (PPE) arsenal of any healthcare professionals, medical staff, or laboratory personnel.

Each box contains 100 shoe covers.

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