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Cossack Hats

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Pack size: Bag of 100
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    Medical Apparel

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Designed with medical professionals in mind, our cossack hats feature high-quality materials that ensure durability and easy maintenance. Made from SMS 30gsm with PP top 25g in water drop with fixed ties, these caps are hand-made.

These cossack hats are light, breathable and low-linting. By promoting better airflow around the head, our cossack hats can help keep medical professionals cool and comfortable, particularly in high-stress environments or during demanding procedures.

The cossack hat style features adjustable straps to ensure a personalised and comfortable fit, reducing the risk of headaches or discomfort from extended use.

Sizing is 62cm by 13cm (one size fits most).

Each bag contains 100 cossack hats

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